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January 10, 2011

Airforce F-18 has been submitted to the app store for review. Search for "AirForce F-18" in the AppStore or check back here for a link once it is available.


June 10, 2010

After Months of development WhatsPlaying is finally released! Download from the AppStore now!

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Have you ever been curious about what songs are being played around you or even around the world?

WhatsPlaying is a great way to discover new music. By becoming a part of the WhatsPlaying community you can tune into iphones from around the globe, discover the songs being played in your neighbourhood and even listen to the same songs as your next door neighbour!

The WhatsPlaying community relies heavily on your participation. The more music you play whilst using WhatsPlaying provides the community with an ever-changing list of new music.


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How does it work?

While using the application to play your own playlists, you are sharing your taste and music flair with other members of the WhatsPlaying community. Information about the song you are currently listening to is sent anonymously to the WhatsPlaying Server. All users can view this data, including not only the artist and track, but also the time it was played and the distance from your location! (Track information is not sent when WhatsPlaying is closed.

Please be patient while the WhatsPlaying community is growing. By playing your favourite music through WhatsPlaying you will provide all members with a greater selection of music and vice versa.


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  • Free Version Ad supported
  • View 10 of the most recent tracks. Track Title, Artist, distance and Time played.
  • Find most recently played music via list or integrated Google Maps. Pinch and tap map to zoom. Select pin to view Track and Artist.
  • Refresh screen to ensure you are viewing the most current new music.
  • Integrated iPod controls: Listen to your own iPod playlists while discovering new music all within the WhatsPlaying app.
  • Track Info: Shows you Artist, Track, Album and Album Cover of the song.
  • Samples: Allows you to listen to 30sec samples. You also have the option to buy the song/album directly from iTunes.
  • Fade: Your iPod music automatically fades when samples start and stop.
  • Distance: Discover how far away a song was played from you.
  • Time: Shows you how long ago any particular song was played.
  • Tags: Save tracks you have discovered for listening at a later time.
  • Settings (Stop GPS on Lock): Turn off GPS hardware to save battery when your location is determined.
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  • WhatsPlaying works with any iPhone running version 3.0 software or later.
  • WiFi or 3G network connection.

If you encounter any problems, would like to request a feature or leave feedback please email support@thefifthcode.com.au